Wednesday, August 09, 2017

A Book Launch

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To the Glenbow for refreshments and the launch of a comprehensive new history of Alberta’s oil sands
  •        September 11, 2017
  •        2-4 p.m.
  •         Glenbow Museum, 130 9 Ave. S.E., Calgary; T2G 0P3
Registered as a Canada 150 publication, this book tells the stories of the world’s second-largest petroleum resource, almost all of which exists within Alberta.

The many tales woven into the book speculate about the uses indigenous people had for this material. However, the known story doesn’t begin until the earliest Hudson’s Bay Company reports on bitumen, dated 1715.

The cover photo shows the Bitumount oil sands plant, which bravely tried to make an oil sands mine profitable during the Great Depression, when an international cartel kept oil prices artificially low. The focus of the author’s remarks will be the development of Canada’s largest petroleum company.

To whet your appetite, read petroleum historian Earle Gray’s foreword by clicking on this link. Don’t forget to whet your appetite at the September 11th book launch, too! If you will be joining us, please contact me personally at We don't want to run out of refreshments.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Making Healthcare for Women and Children a Reality


Maya Devi Hospital

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Suppose you lived in a community of 50,000 where there were no health care facilities within a three- hour drive.  Would you dream that “some day” that could change? That was the dream of a woman named Maya Devi -- a resident of a village in northern India.

Seeing the health challenges many women faced – particularly during pregnancy – she often spoke about the day there would be a hospital in the community that would save them the long, arduous and expensive trip to the city to seek health care. The Maya Devi hospital is the realization of her dream. 

Her children turned that dream into reality, setting up foundations in India (MOTHER Foundation) and Canada (CHILD Foundation) to raise money to build and operate the hospital. With the support of Rotary International, plus corporate and private donors, these organizations constructed a 20-bed charity hospital on the grounds of what had once been Maya Devi’s family home.

Since its opening in October 2011, the Maya Devi Hospital has transformed the community of Sarurpur and the lives of 50,000 people who live in the region.  The hospital offers health care and health education to women and children in the community. The hospital now has a reputation for outstanding service, and attracts patients from communities quite a distance away. Although the hospital’s primary focus is to care for women and children, it does not refuse assistance to anyone.

On Friday, September 29th, CHILD Foundation will host its fifth annual Maya’s Dream Celebration in support of the hospital. The event starts at 6:30 pm at Magnolia Banquet Hall, 5075 Falconridge Blvd. N.E., Calgary. Like our previous events, it will be a memorable and inspiring evening. There will be a reception and dinner, a silent auction, and multi-cultural entertainment and an update on the hospital’s success over the past year. As CHILD Foundation’s principal fundraiser, this single event pays for the lion’s share of hospital operations each year.

The hospital is a vital part of the community. We aim to provide the best care possible and deliver it in a cost-effective manner. With the help of Rotary International, we have acquired an x-ray system, which will enable medical staff to make timely diagnoses on site.

Maya Devi Hospital’s health and awareness programs, delivered by the medical staff, are the cornerstone of the service provided at the hospital. It empowers the women to be mindful of the importance of some of the easy steps they can take to be well and to prevent illness.

During the past year, CHILD Foundation, MOTHER Foundation, and Rotary International (with financial assistance from the Alberta Government’s Community Initiatives Program) have installed more than 500 water purification units in the village, providing clean drinking water to some 3,000 people! The service was first installed in the homes of the poorest families; those who could afford to do so paid a nominal fee. This will reduce water-borne illnesses, thereby contributing to a healthier community.


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